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So last year some time, I decided to purchase a film camera and give it a try, (different from the days of high school photography class, I was going to try out beautiful film stocks, and send them off to be developed and scanned).  I had been inspired by several photographers who have taken up film photography in addition to digital.  There is no denying the timeless look of film, after all, it is what I try to produce with my digital work anyway, so why not give film a try, (and the time saved not spending hours editing at a computer, is worth every penny spent on film and development).  Well, it only took 3 rolls of film (and about 7 months to shoot it – HA) to realize that I was hooked on film.  A couple of photographer friends were kind enough to ask me to be a part of a monthly film project starting up, the goal: to shoot new film stock each month, and help each other grow by sharing our processes, (successes and failures).  This month’s film is Portra 400; so here are some of my favorites from my subsequent 4th and 5th rolls using my Canon EOS 3.:)000014680010_1 blog000014680009 blog000014680011_1 blog000014680012 1 blog000014690008_1 blog000014690013_1 blog000014690010_1 blog000014690009_1 blog000014690002_1 blog000014690007_1 blog000014690019_1 blog000014680028 blog000014680029 blog000014690026 1 blog000014690023 1 blog000014690022 blog000014690021 1 blog000014690036 blog

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